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Sacramento's neighborhoods are its identity. The
preservation of the Central City neighborhoods is vital
to the health of the City as a whole.

The Sacramento Old City Residential Building Survey of 1976 urged the City to “ to conserve this
special character through the establishment of
Preservation areas...” and “…to protect the existing
streetscapes, and to encourage the retention and
rehabilitation of existing housing stock.” Boulevard
Park is one of these neighborhoods and is specifically
identified in this Survey. The Survey further describes
Boulevard Park as “ of the most distinctive areas
of the city.” It has “exceptional architectural
cohesiveness,” and “...the trees are among the finest
in the city.” In a city whose character is its
neighborhoods, Boulevard Park is probably the most
distinctive and adds the most to the city’s character.
Boulevard Park not only adds to the character of Sacramento, but it also reflects the
distinctive nature of the City of Sacramento itself. Its architecture dates from that
period when Sacramento was burgeoning into a full-clogged city. The area has the
largest extant architectural matrix reflecting the city's roots. And within this
neighborhood complex that dates back to the start of Sacramento exists a microcosm
of contemporary Sacramento.

Old and New in Harmony
Boulevard Park is a unique, cohesive neighborhood -- an area which strives for the
preservation of old values and traditions but also values individuality and new ideas.
Perhaps more than any other area of the city, the area understands the need for
balance between each individual part of the city as well as its contribution to the
creation of the city as a whole. The area is a community in itself, created by the sense
of neighborhood, by the ready availability of businesses, by one of a kind stores rather
than franchise chains, by a minimal dependence on the automobile, and by a diverse
mix of interesting people from all backgrounds. Given these things, rehabilitation,
preservation, and enhancement of Boulevard Park is in the city’s best interest as well as
in the interest of the neighborhood’s residents.

A neighborhood reflects the values of the residents within it. The Boulevard Park
Neighborhood Association (BPNA) believes that Boulevard Park is a neighborhood of
residents that value individuality and non-conformity. BPNA also believes that Boulevard
Park, unlike the newer areas of Sacramento, has a clear sense of place and of its
integral importance to the City. The members of the BPNA feel that the preservation,
maintenance, and enhancement of the quality of life in the area is in the City's best
interests as well as in the interest of the area's residents.

BPNA is not anti-development, but it is committed to the principle that the city must
preserve itself through the assiduous preservation and maintenance of its component
parts - the neighborhoods. BPNA also believes that this concern must be a paramount
consideration in any city decision-making and an explicit and integral part of that

To this end, the residents of Boulevard Park have formed the BPNA for the express
purpose of doing the following:

1. To be an organization that seeks to reflect and preserve the ethnic and cultural
diversity within the neighborhood.
2. To work to strengthen the sense of community within Boulevard Park.
3. To work to maintain an atmosphere in which neighborhood residents may peacefully
pursue their own interest and lifestyles which do not detract from the neighborhood as
a whole.
4. To maintain an ongoing program of activities designed to include all residents of the
neighborhood in the Association.
5. To work to promote an equitable transportation policy which does not intrude on the
residential quality of the neighborhood.
6. To work to create and maintain a safe neighborhood.
7. To work to rehabilitate, enhance, and preserve the existing streetscape.
8. To work to rehabilitate, enhance, and preserve the neighborhood’s architectural
distinctiveness and integrity.
9. To work to preserve and enhance the neighborhood's distinctive landscaping.
10. To create and maintain a visible Boulevard Park identity.
11. To create an appropriate image of Boulevard Park and to convey that image to the
community and to the city.
12. To keep local business people and non-resident property owners apprised of
Boulevard Park's concerns involving their interests.
13. To propose and pursue adoption of government polices affecting the other
objectives of the neighborhood.
14. To become an active and effective member of the city's boards and commissions.
15. To participate in the city's decision-making.
16. To work for and support the City Council provisions to reinforce existing
neighborhood features, landscape quality, and structural features.
17. To work for equitable placement of social services facilities throughout the entire
Sacramento community.
18. To take resident-affirmative positions on all major decisions of the City Council,
Planning Commission, and other entities making decisions which directly or indirectly
affect the neighborhood.
19. To work to ensure that city agencies consistently meet their obligations to the area.
20. To support and encourage planning policies which do not place engineering
expediencies before aesthetics.

Goals and Values
Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association: Values and Shared Goals
Neighborhoods are most often characterized by their physical attributes; neighborhood
assoc. usually by the personality of the members. These types of descriptions are
inaccurate. Neighborhoods and neighborhood associations should be defined by the
values and shared goals of its residents and members. It is about the aggregate of
what shapes our convictions: hard work, responsibility, helping neighbors, ensuring
safe and clean blocks for all residents and preserving this historic housing stock in the
context of a society that has changed significantly in the last thirty years. It is a
realization that there is nothing particularly brave about cynicism and that prizes are
not awarded for complacency. It is a choice between the safety of the status quo and
the scarier and riskier engagement in the investment of our neighborhood and

This Association was formed nearly eight years ago with these objectives in mind.
Celebrating successes is something we don’t usually do; however, as we approach
another anniversary, it is important that we take the time to look back at some of our
accomplishments. The City’s new Department of Neighborhood Services and the
Planning Department’s Early Notification Program were championed by members of this
Association over the years. The Association sponsors scores of other valuable activities
such as grafitti abatement, beautification, picnics in the parks, regional park
development, monitoring city policies, working with the COmmunity Opiented POlice
Program, publishing a monthly newsletter and our website, walking tours and a host of
activities too numerous to mention.  .And, finally, providing a forum for people to get to
know their neighbors and make some wonderful friends along the way!

During the years, we've built an excellent relationship with the business district.  We've
started featuring a Business of the Month in the newsletter, and revived advertising
that promotes local businesses. These relationships are important. We must work
together to solve problems so that our residential and business districts can flourish
together as an inner-city village.

Looking Forward: We don't want to be left in the dark! Street lighting will be revisited.
It is the key requirement in helping to solve so many problems. Whether through some
form of federal funding, or other means, it will be a reality in the near future. 89% of
the residents in Boulevard Park NA are renters, unfortunately, only a few of them
actually get involved in neighborhood issues. We will continue to encourage open
participation by all.

BPNA is not a homeowner's association. It is resident driven. Everyone who turns their
porch light on before going to bed at night has a stake in this neighborhood!

So, thanks to all who have given their time, energy and talents. Thanks to the Block
Captains who deliver the monthly newsletters. Thanks to everyone, members and non-
members, who take the time to clean the gutters, rake the leaves and maintains their
yards that send a message that we are a neighborhood that cares.

Not everyone has time to volunteer for the BPNA activities. We realize that many
residents give of their time to other community endeavors and events. These are also
important and necessary. We realize that many of you have jobs and family
commitments that put constraints on how much you can do. However, as with any
organization, it takes financial contributions to keep it running. Small contributions pay
for the free monthly newsletter. Membership cost is between $5 and $15 ... you decide.
For more info. call Sally at 446-3690 or send an e-mail to .

Again, thanks to everyone ... for all your contributions!
BPNA, About our Neighborhood Association
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Boulevard Park

Arcadia Publishing
Boghosian, Don Cox

ISBN: 9780738529554

Colonial Revival and
Craftsman homes are
kept intact for the most
part, even as our city
grows as never before.

Many of the homes are
now over 100 years old
and in pristine restored

Boulevard Park’s wide,
grassy median strips set
it off from the rest of
a reminder of earlier
days when space was
plentiful and greenery
was a prized commodity.
Boulevard Park sits on
the site of the old Union
Park racetrack, where
Edweard Muybridge’s
early experiments in
motion picture
Occidental, Leland
Stanford’s horse) were
pioneered in the 1870s