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The Boulevard Park Association
Board of Directors - 2012

    When I moved back to Sacramento in 2003, I chose to make my home in Boulevard Park. It did not
    take long for me to realize what a wonderful community this is and I soon bought my first home on
    22nd and E Streets. I was initially attracted to the neighborhood by the beautiful architecture and
    tree-lined streets, but there is so much more to appreciate behind the scenes. I value the diversity
    of our neighborhood and the strong sense of community we have.

    I first became involved with BPNA when I volunteered to be the Park Beat newsletter editor in
    2006. It has been a rewarding experience to edit our neighborhood newsletter every month and
    let everyone know of both upcoming events and BPNA’s interesting history. I hope to expand my
    involvement through a position on the BPNA board this year. I value the role of BPNA in fostering a
    sense of community through bringing neighbors together and promoting our neighborhood’s
    interests. I hope to continue to encourage the pride we take in our unique neighborhood. I still live
    on 22nd Street with my husband Jim and I work as an attorney in Sacramento. I have been a
    volunteer for the American Diabetes Association for twenty years and have served on the planning
    committee for the Tour de Cure since 2004. I am excited to be running for the BPNA board and
    would appreciate your vote.

    My husband Tom and I have lived in Boulevard Park for the past 12 years. From the moment we
    arrived and were warmly welcomed by our 22nd Street neighbors. We knew that this
    neighborhood was something special. Like you, I have come to regard Boulevard Park as the best
    and most distinctive neighborhood in Sacramento. Neighborhoods matter – they are the most basic
    community environments that affect and generate our quality of life.  

    As the City of Sacramento continues with development and redevelopment it will be increasingly
    important for our community to remain involved and engaged with the business community and
    local government. I want Midtown to continue as the place where funky one-of-kind stores and
    restaurants can prosper and everything I need is accessible by foot or bike. A place where I can
    meet and greet passers-by from my front porch, and where families can thrive and diversity is I
    was easily lured to midtown by my beloved in 2004 from Woodland, where I had lived since 1986.
    We were married in 2005, and promptly began remodeling our Boulevard Park house. In late 2008,
    we agreed we had not done things quite right, and remodeled our master bedroom for the second
    time. celebrated. Living in a place steeped with history has brought me a new appreciation and
    awareness of the value of preservation. It goes beyond just preserving and restoring the grand
    house that we feel privileged to live in – it also extends to preserving Boulevard Park as a
    sustainable community.  

    I’ve been peripherally involved in a number of the ongoing Boulevard Park community events in the
    past and at this point in my life I’m ready to be more engaged in the larger planning and promotion
    of Boulevard Park’s “community” spirit. I believe a community like ours does not just happen –it
    takes commitment, engagement and intention. As the Director of Human Resources for Sacramento
    County Superior Court, I have worked on a number of community-based projects with a focus on
    shared outcomes. It would be my pleasure to serve on the BPNA Executive Board and I would
    appreciate your support.

    Jim Betzing

    I have lived in Boulevard Park since 1990. We were rebuilding a Victorian duplex on H Street and
    liked the midtown area so much we moved here from Elk Grove.  

    I have been active in the community starting with traffic calming and then dealing with drugs in our
    streets and alleys. We have hosted a number of Mardi Gras balls in our home as well as feeding
    the homeless at Thanksgiving for several years.

    I have served two terms on the BPNA board as well as time as a block captain for the newsletter. I
    have participated in the spaghetti dinner and other activates. I would like to serve once again to
    support our community and improve our neighborhood.

    Roberta Lee Franklin

    Although I have not yet had an opportunity to serve our neighborhood association, I am looking    
    forward to an opportunity to do so next year.  I purchased my Boulevard Park home in
    1994. My twins will be finishing up middle school at Sutter Middle School at the end of
    the year and heading off to McClatchy (the current plan). I have undertaken a number of
    projects at my house and applied for and obtained permits and acted as the owner
    contractor. I am an attorney although my areas of practice have not been in land use
    issues. However, my broad legal experience over a 35 year period includes significant
    experience in the resolution of conflict and issues. Thank you for your consideration.

    Suzie Johnston

    My name is Suzie Johnston and I was born at Sutter Memorial forty-six years ago, so I
    guess that makes me a native. I have lived in Sacramento most of my life. My husband
    and I bought our highwater bungalow in December of 2008, met our wonderful
    neighbors, and we have settled in for the long haul.  I am a graduate of CSUS and
    currently teach at Florin High School. I have volunteered for the Spaghetti Dinner for the
    past two years – serving, bartending and clean-up crew. I am also a block captain. I
    worked with my neighbors and city councilman to stop the building of a modern three-
    story house in the middle of our bungalows and was successful at a compromise. I am
    looking forward to being more involved with BPNA and preserve our quality of life in that
    is so rare.

    I moved to Sacramento in July 1968, after completing four years at the University of California,
    Davis where I majored in history but had a true liberal arts education. Eight years later, drawn by
    the old houses and beautiful trees that reminded me of my childhood, I decided to make Midtown
    my home. I lived in the Marshall School Neighborhood for almost 20 years and played an active role
    in the movement against the expansion and intrusion into the neighborhood of Sutter Hospital and
    its satellite buildings. I was active in the Sacramento Old City Association and held several offices in
    that organization, including President, Vice President, and Home Tour Chair. I have been a
    volunteer or a house captain for the SOCA Home Tour almost every year since then. Other
    volunteer activities have included Habitat for Humanity, the original Midtown “traffic calming”
    committee, and the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. I have lived in the Boulevard Park Neighborhood for
    almost 14 years. Although I have not played an active role in the BPNA, I have routinely
    volunteered for the annual Spaghetti Dinner.

    I love Midtown and its ambience. I love the old houses and the trees. I love being able to take the
    bus to work. I love walking to breakfast on Sunday mornings and walking to visit my friends. I love
    that people sit on their front porches and socialize with their neighbors. I love the vast cross-
    section of cultures and interests. Midtown has been my home for over 30 years and I hope that it
    will be for a long time to come. Because it is my home, I would like to become more involved in the
    neighborhood and the efforts to enhance and protect the qualities that make Boulevard Park,
    Midtown, and the Central City such a wonderful place to live. Also, as a renter and an advocate for
    affordable housing, I feel that I can contribute a perspective to the board that will augment efforts
    to encourage all neighbors to participate in our membership and activities. I would deeply
    appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the BPNA Board and ask for your support.

    Catherine Turrill

    I moved to Sacramento when I joined the fulltime faculty at California State University in 1995, and
    I settled immediately in the Boulevard Park neighborhood. Quite frankly, this part of midtown was
    one of the things that attracted me to Sacramento. After four years in a fourplex, I started looking
    seriously for a house of my own in 1999 and soon found my current home on 22nd Street. I am the
    proud owner of an early 1900s high-water bungalow that has been under renovation for several
    years. Friends and neighbors may be relieved to know that I finally have moved into my restored
    residence, even if not all the work is done!  

    Although I am a specialist in Italian Renaissance art and teach the European art history classes at
    Sacramento State, have a long-standing interest in American architecture (it was one of my
    specialties as a graduate student at the University of Delaware). I am actively involved with the
    home-tours sponsored by the Sacramento Old City Association and have been a house-captain
    each year for several years. I have enjoyed doing house research for the SOCA home-tours and
    for short articles occasionally printed in our neighborhood newsletter, Park Beat.  

    When not delving into the libraries and archives of Sacramento, I am pursuing research on
    Florentine Renaissance artists in the museums, libraries, and archives of Italy, where I was on
    sabbatical last Spring and where I taught art history to California college students this past
    summer (the CSU Summer Arts course on the art history of Florence is offered every other year,
    and is open to all). My current research project involves the reconstruction of the career and art
    production of the first well-known female painter of Florence, Plautilla Nelli. Our second book on her,
    Plautilla Nelli, 1524-1588: The Painter-Prioress of Renaissance Florence, was published by Syracuse
    University Press a few years ago.