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Tuesday, January 1 – Doing the New Year’s Stomp!

The New Year’s Day drizzle didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the Friends of the River Bank “Flash Mob,” who gathered at Sutter’
s Landing Park to greet the new year. Fueled by oatmeal cookies, coffee and hot chocolate, the intrepid band set off for a very
brief walk to see the American River – short because the edge of the river was closer than usual, the river being very high after
recent rainstorms and release of water from upstream dams. Robert Sewell, C Street neighbor and resident expert on “The
Back Forty,” as he calls it, pointed out signs of beaver activity: with the water so high, the beavers had access to new
chomping grounds. And the kids had access to a series of excellent mud puddles. Bundled up in parkas and rain boots and, in
one case, a tutu, and in another, a teddy bear suit, they stomped happily until, sufficiently drenched, their parents herded
them back to the cars and home. All in all, it was a great start to 2011.  Friends of the River Banks is a local non-profit
dedicated to outdoor education for children, and in particular, making it possible for kids, especially those in our neighborhood,
to get acquainted with the American River and all its flora and fauna. The organization sponsors monthly nature walks on
Second Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. The walks are free and easy enough for small children as well as older folks,
usually with a nature expert. Daryl Lindsey, a mushroom expert, is scheduled for the February 12 walk. No reservations
required – just show up at Sutter’s Landing Park next to the skateboard building. Warm clothing and sturdy shoes are  

All of these wonderful
photos were taken by
Robert Sewell

Friends of the River Banks
sponsors a gathering at the
American River each Second
Saturday at 9 am at Sutter's
Landing to encourage people,
especially families and children, to
enjoy and appreciate the wildlife
and to spend a little time with
nature.  For more information
contact Laurie Litman,, or 443-2976.
BPNA thanks Friends of the River
Banks for all of their hard work
and dedication to preserve and
protect our precious natural
resources and American River.
Friends of the Riverbanks

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